Free International Collage Scholarship For USA, Europe UK Visa, Hostel 2022

Are you eager to embark on your journey of studying at America? USA? It’s an excellent thing! There are numerous scholarships available throughout the United States of America for students from countries other than the United States. In this article, we’ll give an in-depth explanation of scholarships that are available at the top institutions in the USA as well as their benefits as well as the procedure to apply for them.

There’s more than 1100 scholarships offered by USA top universities for students from overseas during the academic year of 2023.

They pay average daily stipend of $1000. They are also accompanied by tuition fees as well as accommodation and medical insurance along with travel reimbursement.

International Collage

Free International Collage Scholarship For USA and UK Visa, Hostel 2022

You can apply for scholarship that are fully funded . You can get your wish of attending top-of-the-line universities like Yale University USA, Harvard University USA, Clark University, Boise State University, Berea College and many more.

1. Fulbright Scholarships USA

Fulbright Scholarships are full-funded scholarships to students studying abroad. The scholarships are open only to students who are pursuing Masters or PhD study. Fulbright Foreign Student Program will cover the cost of tuition in addition to the living salary. The full cost of accommodation medical and travel insurance.

  • Institution:USA Universities
  • Level of Study: Masters/PhD
  • Study in theUSA

2. Yale University Scholarships USA

Yale University The scholarship is full-funded scholarship available to students studying abroad. The scholarship is available to undergraduate, masters, and graduate scholars. Yale Scholarship is offered in a range of a few hundred dollars to over $70,000 per year as well as the average Yale needs-based scholarship is higher than $50,000.

  • Institution: Yale University
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate / Masters / PhD

3. University of New Haven Scholarship

University of New Haven Scholarship is a fully-funded award to students from abroad. This scholarship is only available for students who are studying Master’s Degrees. The scholarship will provide an opportunity for learning through experience as well as a job during their masters program, which includes 75% tuition reimbursement and an hourly wage

  • Institution:University of New Haven
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Masters

4. University of Memphis Scholarships

University of Memphis Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that is available to students from around across the globe. The scholarship is open to those who are pursuing degrees in masters or undergraduate. The amounts of these scholarships are different and they are able to pay for the difference between cost of tuition in the United States and abroad.

  • Institution:University of Memphis
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate / Masters

5. University of Minnesota Fellowship

University of Minnesota Fellowship is an award completely funded for students who are from outside the country. The scholarship is available to those who are currently pursuing Masters study. This scholarship includes tuition, living expenses including travel insurance, health insurance.

  • Institution:University of Minnesota
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Masters

6. AAUW International Fellowship Program

AAUW Fellowship Program is a fully funded award. The program is run through The American Association of University Women, USA. International students from all countries are eligible for the program. The award is open only to postgraduate and graduate students in any subject that is provided through the universities. AAUW Fellowship Program covers an annual amount of $18,000 to $30,000. This is subject to academic requirements to renew.

  • Institution:The American Association of University Women
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Masters/ PhD / Postdoctoral

7. Stanford University Scholarships

Stanford University Scholarship is an all-funded scholarship that is open to students from all over the world. The scholarship is available to those who are pursuing Masters and Ph.D study. This scholarship includes tuition fees including living allowance, travel allowance, and other costs for academics.

  • Institution:Stanford University
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study: Masters / PhD
  • Find here Deadlines and the step-by-step process for applying.

8. ACI Foundation Scholarship

ACI Foundation Scholarship can be a permanent award , or scholarship for students studying in other countries. The scholarship is available to those studying for undergraduate, masters postdoctoral, PhD and other studies. This scholarship will grant you between $10,000 and $15,000 US education stipend that will cover tuition fees and accommodation books, as well as other materials as well as other reading.

  • Institution:ACI Foundation
  • Study in theUSA

9. Rotary Peace Fellowship Program

Rotary Peace Fellowships provide fully-funded scholarship opportunities for students studying abroad. They are only offered to those studying for masters or doctoral research. Rotary Peace Fellowships Program includes tuition and expenses, including accommodation and board, round-trip transport , as well as the cost of study in the field or internship.

  • institution:Universities in below countries
  • Find out in these countries:USA, Japan, UK, Australia, Sweden, Thailand
  • Level of Study:Masters/ Certificate Studies

10. Clark Global Scholarship Program

Clark Global Scholarship Program 2021 is a full-funded undergraduate scholarship available for international applicants. The program can provide up to $25,000 per year for four years with the condition that they are in good academic standing to be renewed.

  • Institution:Clark University
  • Study in theUSA

111. Treasure Scholarship at Boise State University

Treasure Scholarships are fully-funded scholarships available to students studying abroad. The scholarships are available only to students on the level of undergraduates. The scholarship is worth $8460 for the duration of the academic year.

  • Institution: Boise State University
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate

12. Boston University Presidential Scholarship

Boston University Presidential Scholarship is an award for undergraduates. The award is worth a sum of $25,000 annually. your tuition fees. The scholarship is renewable for up to 4 years of undergraduate studies.

  • Institution: Boston University
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate

13. Berea College Scholarships

Berea College Berea College Scholarship fully-funded undergraduate award to international undergraduate students. The scholarship is the full financial aid of any international student in the first year of their studies.

  • Institution:Berea College
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate

14. Cornell University Financial Aid

Cornell University Scholarship is an aid based on need that is available to international students. The award is granted to students enrolled in the first year of undergraduate studies. This scholarship provides financial aid based on need for students who are admitted from abroad, have completed an application for aid, and demonstrated that they have financial capacity.

  • Institution:Cornell University
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate

15. The HAAA Scholarship

The HAAA Scholarship is open to applicants from Arab students who are interested in going to an undergraduate degree in Harvard University USA. In 2010, it came out that Harvard Arab Alumni Association (HAAA) created their HAAA Scholarship Fund, the first of its kind at Harvard to expand numbers of Arab students attending Harvard.

  • Institution: Harvard University
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate

16. Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarship is an award completely subsidized for undergraduates who are students from other countries. Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships are tuition-free scholarshipsthat be as high as $16,000-$30,000 each year.

  • Institution: Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Study in theUSA

17. Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship

Jefferson Scholars Foundation National Fellowship is a fully funded PhD fellowship offered to students from all over the world. PhD candidates. The fellowship includes an amount of $30,000, desk with access to stacks, library borrowing privileges interlibrary and internet access and the chance to present the research in Hagley’s seminar series, and access to the discounted accommodations offered by Hagley for scholars.

  • Institution:Jefferson Scholars Foundation
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:PhD

18. University of Miami Stamps Scholarship

University of Miami Stamps Scholarship is an award that is fully-funded and available all international undergraduates. The scholarship includes tuition, room and meal textbooks, one-time grants to purchase computers , and $12,000 for research in undergraduate classes and conferences.

  • Institution:University of Miami
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate

19. University of Mississippi Scholarships

University of Mississippi Scholarship 2021 is a highly coveted award for students from all over the world. The scholarship is only open for students in the undergraduate level. The scholarship amount is between $3,900 and $33,454. International applicants with a high school’s cumulative grade point difference of 3.50 up to 4.00 on a 4.00-U.S.-scale will be assessed.

  • Institution:University of Mississippi
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate

20. Fairleigh Dickinson University Scholarships

Fairleigh Dickinson University Scholarships 2021 are college scholarships which are partly paid for. This scholarship will provide a per-year amount of 22,000 dollars.

  • Institution: Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Study in theUSA
  • Level of Study:Undergraduate

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